Parent Ministry of IBC

Feedback from parents

I appreciate all of the feedback that was given back to me by the parents in our ministry. I have compiled the feedback from this question:

How can we help you with resources that will assist and encourage
you in the leading of your family and the spiritual formation of your children?  What kind of resources would you find practical and useful?

Here is a compilation of the many responses.

1.  A desire for Books or Resources on Family Devotions.  (I will be looking into this and responding with what I find soon.)

2.  A parenting section in our Library that is specifically books recommended by our pastors

3.  Hosting another confrence by a speaker like Paul Tripp on parenting.

4.  Regular Parent meetings where resources can be suggested to parents

5.  A class for parents who would like more hands on help from the church by other parents.

6.  A discussion by other parents on how they do family devotion time to spur on ideas to make that time challenging and interesting.

These ideas are great! and I would love further discussion or comments on them.  I will be taking the next few weeks and months and working on some of these things starting with some resources to recommend for family devotion time.  I will also start a new Post to get your feedback and discuss how your family does a family devotional time.

Thanks again!  Phil


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