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What do you do for Family Devotions?
January 6, 2009, 11:46 am
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I know there are many parents who would like to hear from other parents how thier family does devotions or discipleship together.  Please a take a moment and comment on how your family does devotions so that we may learn and grow from each other.  Thanks for being a part of the Body of Christ!


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For our family we attempt to read the bible each night as a family at dinner. We are going through a children’s Bible that has questions that we have the kids answer. I am also reading and discussing the pilgrims progress with both of the Girls on our dates.

For a more adult approach I found a great summary of multiple Bible Reading plans that you can use with your family. All of these are read through the Bible in a year plans… but you can custom them to longer time periods. Check it out at

Comment by pastorphilk

Joe is very slowly going through “Raising a Modern Day Knight’ with Johnny. It has been amazing the way Joe has taken over as John is a young man now. There are two books they went through last year that I would recommend. “Created for Work” by Bob Schultz and then his second book that follows that one…will look it up if you are interested. I would recommend the ongoing learning with your kids on age/subject and interest appropriate material.

John and I are going to read out loud the last of his book series he has been reading, next. It’s a Christian fiction that he picks and I look forward to conversations as this is his type of reading material. We began this reading out loud in the second grade with the Chronicles of Narnia…we may just do that one again!  I find, as a mom of a teenage boy, that things we can do together are slim pickings! I like to read out loud with John both scriptures ( &older kids) randomly as I am in them, and books for fun.

We read scripture um..only about 1/week together with Joes schedule right now. In the past we have each day, in different ways over the years…be it at the dinner table on a little card (that’s how we started with all the kids at home) or what have you. We pray most every night with John -and Kerry if she chooses to join us. When the kids were little we prayed and sang a song or two. Ideally, it would be grand if we read scripture together each day.

I think the most impacting on our children thus far is in the day-today living…speaking of God in what is going on as our day progresses…such as in a sunset or other marvel, or a kind act observed (we call i-spys…”I spy with my itty bitty eyes…something that God has done”…) and just praise him for the little things that take place in our comings and goings and doings…and the way they tease me in saying is this my teaching/lesson session for the day mom? Ha ha. Somehow, these things could be discussed the “how to do this” with other parents.

As teens, the “lessons for the day” was a bother sometimes to them. But now, grown, they have come to appreciate it more (mostly) and point back to teachings and those times themselves. This is something God showed me from his Word years ago and goes with the teachings …to do these things as you walk with your children…those verses.heh 

I think of families that are not first generation Christians like us, and wonder at the ideas that they can give you and know our humble approach are things small…but, yet- this is what we do! And I have many a scripture and promises I pray ….

Comment by Kim Sutton

at our home, having family devotions has been chalenging, we have tried bible reading, daily bread and reading other devotionals together. as of late we have been listening to podcasts from several pastors that are more contemporary and are young adult orientated. the sermons last from 25 min to 1 hour, we follow along in our bibles and at the end we each share what the Lord reveald to us through the message. the challenge is in trying to minister to our kids who’s age’s range from 12-18. the podcasts have been the best so far, but i worry about this becoming a ritual and not a blessed time to come to God as a family. so we are always looking for ways to mix it up. any new ideas out there?

Comment by jeff hoffmaster

I have found that as your kids get older, how you work in assisting in their spiritual growth changes. Right now we do the divide and conqure technqie with Cindy working with Jessica and I with Tyler.

Although going through scripture or a devotion book is important, I have found that once they are in the older grades (ms and up)the best teaching is by example in your life they observe. you are teaching them all the time whether you know it or not. For me it is having them with me in all manner of experiences and then sharing biblical truths that relate to the event.

On the devotional side I am carful how much I push at them, I want to create in them the desire to spend time with God and not make it a job you have to do to be a good Christian. The best way to that is by example as well. If your not communicating with God why should they.

By the time kids hit middle school there are books tailored to boys and girls which is why me and Cindy divide and conquer. For Tyler right now we are doing some stuff about what you believe and why you believe it. The book is called: “STAND: Core Truths You Must Know for an Unshakeable Faith” by Alex McFarland. It is great for MS and HS age even college. And as a devotion: :Tribe: A Warrior’s Calling: A Challenge to Real Faith for Guys” is an ongoing series by breakaway devotionals.

For me some of the best times of sharing truths into their lives is in the car after school when they are open to sharing about what is going on. Once home there are lots of distractions.

Comment by Sburke

I forgot one thing that has worked real well with kids. I use what is popular at the time whether movies and songs and we talk about what spiritual message (good or bad) may be in it or what is the song or movie trying to say and what is our response to it. I cheat a little with a great website that responds to movies, books and songs from a Christian perspective. The website is call Hollywood Jesus( In my experience it has been very right on.

Comment by Sburke

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