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Our Joy and Responsibility

We live in world of professionalization.  And I am very thankful for that fact.  I would not be excited if I had to rely on my wife or friends (except Vern!) to give me a root canal or give me surgery if I need it.  I am thankful for those that have gone to medical school, flight training, dental school, etc…  But sometimes we get so caught up in our age of professionalization that we find it too easy to abdicate our God given privilege and responsibility.  I know this is true for me as I look at my children in school.  They are learning math and English from a teacher at school, right?  So why would I get involved?  Of course we all know that the parents who do get involved in that education are almost guaranteed to see a greater comprehension then if they did not get involved.  Study after study has shown that parent involvement is critically important for our children in school.   Teachers are great, but their is no substitution for a parent who teaches their children everyday through life’s experiences.  The same is true and even more critical when it comes to the spiritual development of our children.  Listen to these words spoken to Israel

psalm 78:1 Give ear, O my people, to my teaching;
incline your ears to the words of my mouth!
2 I will open my mouth in a parable;
I will utter dark sayings from of old,
3 things that we have heard and known,
that our fathers have told us.
4 We will not hide them from their children,
but tell to the coming generation
the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might,
and the wonders that he has done.

5 He established a testimony in Jacob
and appointed a law in Israel,
which he commanded our fathers
to teach to their children,
6 that the next generation
might know them,
the children yet unborn,
and arise and tell them to their children,
7 so that they should set their hope in God
and not forget the works of God,
but keep his commandments;

This is God’s program.  One generation of Fathers and Mothers sharing and modeling to the next generation the wondrous deeds and words of the LORD.  There is no substitute!

Our desire at IBC is to partner with parents in Reaching and Equipping students through the word of God to present each one complete in Christ.  We are devoted to disciple your children… but we are no substitute for your own discipling.  I love this partnership and want you to know that I am praying for you and am ready to encourage you in any way I can.  If I can pray for your family in a specific way please let me know.  If I can help with any ideas or resources I would love to help.  I have a job to do, you have a job to do, and God will use us both to impact the students at IBC.

I especially want to say thank you for those that pray for me and my family… it means a great deal and we can feel your prayers.  We are on this journey with you and it is a great privilege and joy we have been given.



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Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I too believe that to partner in prayer and in teaching our families and children will grow and mature in Christ.

Comment by Elisa Osborn

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