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A book for parents with “Troubled Teens”
February 4, 2009, 2:06 pm
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Of course all of our kids are “troubled” to some degree or another, but I have recently come across a book that deals with teenagers that are in real rebellion. It is called “Get outta my face.” While I have not read the book yet, I greatly trust the publisher and those that are advocating the book. There is a book review by a trusted Christian at

I am ordering my copy soon and would love to hear what others think of the book and how it did or did not help them.


Parenting Resource

I want to pass on another parenting resource that I hope is helpful to you.  Earlier this past year Mar Hill Church in Seattle brought out Tedd Tripp to do a parenting seminar.  By the time we found out it was happening it was really too late to organize a trip or get the word out adequately…  but the beautiful thing about Mars Hill is they video EVERYTHING and make it available free of charge.  I would highly recommend you bookmark this link and view the videos from this conference when you have the time and hopefully you find them helpful.  I am sold on the solid Biblical view that both Paul and Tedd trip present in their teaching to parents.  I hope they are a blessing to you.

You can find the videos at

Kids and Media

I came across an interesting article on Kids and Media. Check it out when you can at

A must listen to!

Al Molher did a great radio program today dealing with Teens and Sexuality and Biblical advice for parents. Check it out.