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I came across an interesting article on Kids and Media. Check it out when you can at


Technology Help for Parents

I have recently come across a website that I hope will become a HUGE asset for our parents in keeping up with the technology our kids are dealing with and being exposed to.  The website is maintained by a “Tech Guy” in his 30’s that tries to bridge the gap between parents and their teens in the area of technology.  He runs a Blog at He keeps the material on this Blog free for 1 month and then moves the older articles to “Tech Bundles” which he sells on His web.

I found the site very easy to use and understand and thought it would be a great resource for our parents.  I especially liked the fact that he did “Video tutorials”  where parents could follow along.  Current articles include a video tutorial on Facebook as well as an overview of the use of twitter.  If you do use twitter make sure you subscribe to crossroads twitter.

Whether you choose to do a payed subscription (Which some might find worth the money) or just use the free resources on his web, I think you will learn a great deal from this site.  Hope that it helps.

If you have questions I would be happy to answer those in the comments section.