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Creating a Family Worship Time (A compilation of resources)

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If you have not already checked out all the great suggestions other parents have made regarding family devotions, make sure you check those out on the Blog

I have taken some time and compiled some resources and ideas that hopefully you find helpful in starting or continuing to refine your family worship time.  Please do not allow this post and list of resources to overwhelm you.  Take your time and work through these resources as you are able.  I would also like to continue the discussion and hear from each of you what you have found that has been successful in your family.

Here are my own thoughts on creating a family worship time.

Pick a time and be as consistent as possible.  Morning or evening at a specific time or at meals is a great opportunity.

Use Scripture.   Using secondary resources is OK, but make sure you have a time where the family can read a portion of Scripture together.  Get a good study Bible that you can read and learn from together (I would recommend the The ESV Study Bible or NASB MacArthur Study Bible

Pray for others.  We like to let the kids pick a missionary, pastor, or family that we can pray for each night.  I would also encourage the family to pray for unsaved friends, family, or neighbors together.  You can also pray for unreached people groups and learn about them through resources like Global Prayer Digest or

Integrate theology.  The use of the Children’s Shorter Catechism for families with younger children is great or using a resource like Bitesize Theology: An ABC of the Christian Faith

Our family likes to worship in song as well so we let the kids pick a song that we all sing together.  Whatever you decide to do, the important thing is that you prioritize it for your family.  I am sure some parents feel that their kids are too old now and there is no point on starting… But I would encourage you to get that out of your mind and start as soon as possible.  We are our children’s most influential teachers and modeling is one of the most powerful teaching tools we have.  Let us model a deep love for God’s Word, Prayer, Theology, and Lord Jesus Christ in our homes through a family time of worship.

A NOTE TO DAD’S: This is OUR JOB!  Make sure you lead your home as God has called you and do not abdicate your responsibility to your wives.  If you need help… ask!  There are many godly men at IBC that would be happy to offer assistance, but you ultimately are responsible to God for your family that He has entrusted you with.  Seek Him and He will help you.

In the coming months I hope to add some resources specifically on discipling young men and young women individually.   My prayer is that these resources will be helpful for you as you disciple your children!

”And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. “  Gal. 6:9

Articles on Tips for doing Family Devotions (A must read!) (Excellent biblical look at family devotions)

Sample Devotion for Children from Desiring God that has some good tips for family devotions in it.

Books for resources

The Family Worship Book: A Resource Book for Family Devotions

Training Hearts Teaching Minds: Family Devotions Based on the Shorter Catechism

Thoughts on Family-Worship (Puritan Classic)

Disciplines of a Godly Family

The Joy of Family Worship: A Key to Healthy Body Life

My amazon wish list for families with children

My Wish List for Parents
Devotion and Family Websites (Some are better than others),1703,A=161567&M=200553,00.html Devotions,1701,M%253D200810,00.html Parent Site

Bible Reading Plans

Read through the Bible in 3 years
Read through the NT in one year
30 days in Psalms…  30 Days in Proverbs

Suggestions for Bible reading plans including a good look at a Chronological Bible Reading Plan

365 day Devotional on the life of Christ.

Resources for Sermons to use (These are the sermons I listen to regularly)–Multimedia/ (Ultimate Collection of Good sermons) (Mark Driscoll is a good pastor that preaches expositional messages and holds to 90-95% of IBC’s theology… He is however not loved by everyone and some people find his content not appropriate for younger people.  Please use with your own discretion and convictions) (Matt Chandler is alot like Mark.  If you like Mark Driscoll you will probably like Matt Chandler)

Bible Study Tools to use for deeper preparation and personal growth

Starter Package that every family should have:

Atlas:  Moody Bible Atlas of Bible Lands

Bible Dictionary:  Ungers or New Bible Dictionary

English Concordance:  NAS Exhaustive Concordance

Bible Commentary:  Wyclyiff or Bible Knowledge Commentary

Theology:  Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem

Next Level:

Cross Refrence:  Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge

Topical Bible:  Naves Topical Bible

Bible Encyclopedia:  Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia

Bible Backgrounds:  Manners and Customs of the Bible

OT word Helps:  Vines, Expository Dictionary of OT words

NT word Helps:  Same, but NT

Serious Bible Study:

NASB Greek Interlinear

Greek Concordance “Englishmans”

Bible Study Websites

Phil Kooistra,


Sermon on Leading the Next Generation

This is the link to the sermon that was given by Pastor Phil Kooistra on “Leading the Next Generation”  A call for parents to take the lead in their own children’s spiritual development as the primary discipler.  This sermon was out of Psalm 78: 1-8

Psalm 78:1-8
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